Shoppers always ask, if I take one thing what should it be?  The answer is a quality multi-vitamin & mineral supplement.  There is no greater insurance against nutritional deficiencies, and no easier way to provide your body all the critical tools it needs for improved health.

There are a wide variety of products on the market, and the cost differences reflect the quailty of the ingredients, and the likely ability of your body to utilize the nutrients.

Vitamer offers a wide array of high quality, potent and balanced multivitamins to fit your needs.   

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Basic Multi® (Item #514)

Multivitamin supplementation is the foundation of any effective nutritional regimen. Many consumers are beginning to realize the importance of taking a multivitamin and mineral, but are intimidated by the wide array of choices and sometimes daunting sizes of some products. Our Multiple is an excellent choice for people who are just beginning multivitamin supplementation. With its better-for-you formulation, it provides an alternative to some of the leading brands. It is a small, one-per day tablet that provides 100% of 14 essential nutrients.

Basic Multi® - Iron Free (Item #544)

This is one of our top selling products in our line and over the years we have received many requests for an iron free version. Men over the age of 25 and post-menopausal women may not need extra iron in their supplement unless they have a special need or have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia.

Bengal Bites® Children's Chewable Multi (Item #507)

Obtaining adequate nutrition is necessary in the development of any child. With the diets of the majority of chidren becoming more deficient in important vitamins and minerals, people are beginning vitamin supplementation at earlier ages. Getting children to swallow tablets can be difficult, and finding an all natural multivitamin that tastes good can also be a challenge. This is why our chewable multiples are the perfect vitamin for children. Kids will enjoy the great natural berry flavor and fun tiger shaped chewable tablets. Parents will love our chewable multiples because they are an all natural source of 100% RDI of 12 vitamins and minerals for children over the age of four.

Complete Food Multi (Item #574)

With many of us juggling work, child care, errands, sports and other activities on a daily basis, getting all the nutrients we need each day can be challenging. Multivitamin supplementation is the foundation to any effective nutritional regimen, and many consumers realize the importance of taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement as a good insurance policy for a healthy life. It's a wholesome option for multivitamin supplementation - using natural potencies. 

Unlike other "whole-food" produts, this item truly is a food, providing essential amino acids and protein!

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Hair, Skin & Nails Multi (Item #549)

Outward personal appearance and beauty play prominent roles in society, evidenced by the billions of dollars spent on personal care products. Hair concerns affect many-according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 1 in 4 women experience hair loss in their lifetime. In addition to hair, healthy skin is important, too--after all, it is our largest and most visible organ! The skin's appearance is reflective of one's everyday eating, drinking, and exercise habits. Environmental pollution and toxins also impact the skin's health. Because women represent a large portion of the health and beauty product target market, and because a recent Council for Responsible Nutrition survey found that females over age 50 constitute the...Full Details