What is Premium Private Label?

The difference between a low price generic and premium private label is QUALITY.

Raw materials, selected from the finest sources around the world, are only the beginning.


Other ways to identify quality include: glass bottles

Amber glass bottles increase shelf life by protecting your product from light and moisture and ensuring the product remains at full potency through the Best By date and they are most easily recycled



Prolonged release coatings on appropriate supplements release nutrients at the most beneficial time for optimum absorption by the body


Unique ingredients and balanced formulations provide the latest in nutritional science in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian formulas.  Organic materials are used when poossible.

Two safety seals protect against tampering — a full body heat-sealed plastic sleeve plus a seal under the cap

Disintegration time tests are run on every batch to ensure that the tablets and capsules break down

Easy-to-read Best By dates ensure product freshness and potency, every bottle is coded for complete batch history npa logo

Natural Products Association GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification

Full disclosure means our labels list each ingredient and nutrient in the product

Strong technical support — our Technical Department is staffed with educated health professionals to help answer your questions and provide you with confidence in recommending Your Brand of supplements.

Metal detectors on our glass bottle packing lines to ensure the finished product does not have accidental metal fragments

Structure/function claims explain the role of a nutrient or dietary ingredient intended to affect the normal structure or function in humans, the general well-being from consumption, or describe the means by which a nutrient or dietary ingredient maintains the stated structure or function.

Melamine testing is done on protein powder products using an HPLC analytical instrumentation method capable of detecting melamine down to a concentration of 1.0 ppm (part per million).

gluten free logo

Double Verified Gluten Free® testing program ensures that finished productsundergo gluten testing using an ELISA test, to detect the presence of gluten. Once the test confirms no more than 10 ppm gluten, our logo will be placed on the front panel of the label. This process is in addition to what we’ve done for years: validating the allergen statement for raw materials does not list gluten, making the entire process DOUBLE VERIFIED