Complete Food Multi (Item #574)


With many of us juggling work, family, errands, sports, and other activities on a daily basis, trying to get all of the nutrients we need each day can be a challenge. Multivitamin supplementation is the foundation to any effective nutritional regimen, and many consumers realize the importance of taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement to support their busy lifestyle. Our Complete Food Multi is a wholesome option for multivitamin supplementation - using natural potencies.  Unlike other "whole-food" produts, this item truly is a food, providing essential amino acids and protein!



The Product
  • Vegan
  • Each serving (2 capsules) provides over 1 gram of protein
  • The fermentation process of Saccharomyces cerevisae produces essential vitamins and minerals
  • Contains green foods (alfalfa, parsley), immune-supporting herbs, and botanical antioxidants.
  • Perfect for the whole family