Whole Food Essentials Iron Caps 18 mg(Item #475)


Iron is an essential trace mineral involved in many cellular processes that are necessary for life, including oxygen transport, energy metabolism, red blood cell creation and DNA and neurotransmitter synthesis. Iron also plays a role in immune system functioning. The function and synthesis of hemoglobin, which carries most of the oxygen in the blood, is dependent on iron.

Our Whole Food Essentials iron caps provides 100% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of iron. The Whole Food based iron is bound to a whole food rice protein, which can be easier on the gastrointestinal tract, better absorbed and be better utilized throughout the body. The rice bran supports healthy cholesterol levels for individuals already within the normal range, while the bioflavonoids can help to strengthen blood vessels and support blood flow. Additional fruit and vegetable blend, including organic spinach powder, as well as kale and tomato powder, provides support for increased iron absorption. 

The Product
  • One cap provides 18 mg of Iron
  • Non-GMO sourced
  • 60 mg of Rice Bran to strengthen blood vessels
  • Contains additional fruit and vegetable blend to increase iron absorption
  • Food based iron may cause less gastrointestinal tract distress; easier to assimilate and utilize by the body
  • Vegetarian caps
  • One bottle supplies 60 servings
  • Bound to whole food rice protein chelate for easy digestion and absorption