Whole Food Essentials Men's Multi Cap (Item #471)


Men's Multi Caps is formulated to support men's health, delivering 19 essential nutrients, in natural potencies, derived from whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs to support metabolism, energy production, hair, skin, immune health, and much more.† Also contains botanicals such as saw palmetto for prostate support and lycopene to support healthy eyes.† Grown in a non-GMO whole food complex, Whole Food Men's Multi Caps offers food-based vitamins and minerals for daily support.


The Product
  • Vegetarian
  • Soy-Free
  • Iron Free
  • Nature-based potency and formula focused on providing essential nutrients from enriched food sources
  • Contains 19 essential nutrients derived from whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs for improved assurance of absorption.
  • Additional botanicals to support men's health include saw palmetto, organic pumpkin seed, cayenne, and lycopene