Sunflower Lecithin Softgels (Item #465)

Food & Phyto Based

Lecithin is a source of phospholipids, which are amphiphilic lipids found in all plant and animal cell membranes. Phosphatidylcholine is the most abundant phospholipid in the body. Because phospholipids are attracted to both water and fat, they act as emulsifiers allowing ‘fat loving’ components and ‘water loving’ components to interact. This quality of cells is essential to every bodily process. Choline, from phosphatidylcholine, is an essential nutrient for brain development and function, and it is indispensible to liver health. Choline is converted to betaine in the liver and kidney; betaine is involved in the critical process of methylation. Methylation reactions play major roles in the biosynthesis of lipids, the regulation of several metabolic pathways, detoxification, and gene expression.


The Product
  • Two softgels provide 2,000 mg of sunflower lecithin
  • Soy-free
  • Non-GMO source
  • Hexane-free
  • Naturally contains a minimum 10% of phosphatidylcholine
  • Cross merchandise into general wellness, brain health, reproductive health, women’s health, heart health