Certified Organic Cranberry 500 mg (Item #445)

Herbs & Botanicals

Cranberry has been long used for its medicinal properties because of its ability to support a healthy urinary tract. Our Organic Cranberry 500 mg tablets are as close to nature as possible - containing only organic cranberries (with organic rice bran and organic acacia gum to help hold the tablet together). Sourced from North America, each vegan tablet contains 500 mg of organic cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) that is standardized to contain at least 6% quinic acid. Quinic acid is an active component of the cranberry fruit that lends the astringent qualities to cranberry fruit and juice.

The Product
  • Product is >97% organic and meets the USDA's National Organic Program's >95% organic tier, allowing a claim of "USDA Certified Organic" and use of the USDA organic logo
  • Our product is a 10:1 concentrate of pure cranberry. The cranberry is freeze-dried to concentrate the cranberry and is standardized to 6% quinic acid
  • Vegan
  • Provides potent antioxidant benefits. Among commonly consumed fruits, cranberry is the most powerful antioxidant (Source: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2004)
  • Cranberry possesses a bacterial anti-adherence factor known to lower the risk of UTI's
  • Cranberry also has the most proanthocyanidins (PAC's) among common fruits (Source: Journal of Nutrition, 2004/USDA Proanthocyanidin database)
  • Our product is manufactured in a facility that has been certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI) - a USDA accredited certifying agency
  • Our Ultimate Organics® line utilizes ingredients, materials, and manufacturing methods that are environmentally responsible, sustainable, and safe for consumers, providing the end consumer with a wholesome product that supports the cycle of global sustainability
  • Offers a more convenient, non-perishable alternative to cranberry juice