Ascorbyl Palmitate 500 mg(Item #307)

C Vitamins

Vitamin C is known for its potent antioxidant activity and plays a major role in immune, skin, cardiovascular, bone, joint health and more. This essential vitamin must be replenished daily as consuming enough vitamin C is vital for optimal health. Vitamin C is typically found in a water-soluble form, but Ascorbyl Palmitate offers a highly stable, more bioavailable, lipidsoluble form of Vitamin C. The esterified form of ascorbic acid with plant-based palmitic acid allows Vitamin C to be incorporated into cell membranes. Our product, Ascorbyl Palmitate, offers 200 mg of liposomal Vitamin C from Ascorbyl Palmitate in a convenient vegan tablet. This is a great option for consumers looking for a lipid-soluble esterfied vitamin C product.

The Product

• Each tablet provides 200 mg of Vitamin C         from Ascorbyl Palmitate
• Liposomal form of Esterified Vitamin C