Plant-Based Fiber Complex (Item #109)

Enzymes & Digestion

The recommended intake of fiber for adults is 28 grams daily, and this can be even higher depending on age and gender. Due to frequent consumption of over-processed foods that have been stripped of their natural fiber content, fiber is deficient in the diets of most Americans, with most only consuming around 15 grams per day. For optimal intestinal health, both soluble and insoluble fiber are needed every day. Each form functions differently and provides different health benefits, including bowel regularity, elimination of toxins, and overall colon health. Both soluble and insoluble fiber can help promote proper digestion as well as support healthy cholesterol levels in the body for individuals who are already within normal range. Our Plant-Based Fiber Complex offers a blend of plant-based soluble and insoluble fibers plus additional digestive and colon support from nutrient-rich whole foods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. This psyllium-free product is formulated to provide a bulk-forming benefit to help initiate the natural movement of the bowel and support a healthy digestive tract. Our product is designed to support digestion, regular intestinal motility, elimination of toxins, and overall colon health.


The Product

• 1 scoop provides 7 grams of dietary fiber

• Plant Fiber Complex consists of oat fiber, apple fiber, rice bran, and apple pectin

• Pleasant tasting blend of plant-based soluble & insoluble fibers that provide a bulk-forming benefit for supporting regularity

• Colon Support Complex consists of digestive enzymes, probiotics, gut-friendly botanicals & vegetables to help support a healthy colon

• Free of Psyllium

• Vegetarian | Soy-Free | Gluten Free
• Made with No GMO ingredients
• Convenient powder form