Bone Health & Calcium


Most know that calcium and vitamin D are key nutrients in the prevention of bone loss, but there are a vast array of other nutrients needed for bones to maintain density over time. A lack in one single nutrient can affect the absorption of many other nutrients. This can create a vicious cycle of nutrient deficiencies throughout the body.

Complex minerals provide the convenience of synergistic minerals combined together in one product.Our most popular complexes are calcium and magnesium and calcium complex mineral combinations. Calcium and magnesium work together to help maintain and build bone density inside the body at the bone level.

Separating dosages of calcium from other minerals can significantly increase the absorption rate and utilization by the body. It’s always best to take mineral supplements with meals and divide them into three dosages per day, preferably with each meal. Whether from food or supplements, approximately 25-50% of ingested calcium is absorbed. Much controversy exists about the various forms of minerals. However, it is just as important to take the supplement with meals and in divided dosages.

Other factors contributing to increased calcium and mineral absorption include:

• Current vitamin D stores

• Non-acidic environment (vitamin C)

• Physiological need

• Taking with fat, protein and carbohydrates

Factors contributing to decreased calcium and mineral absorption include:

• Acidic environment (carbonated beverages)

• Caffeine

• Lack of exercise

• Certain drugs

• Consuming high amounts in one dose (i.e., 1,000 mg calcium)

Bone Health & Calcium
Cal-Mag-Zinc (Item #607)

Getting adequate calcium is becoming a top priority as our population ages. Bodily changes that go along with advanced years create more of a demand for essential minerals, and obtaining adequate amounts through diet is not always enough. Calcium cannot be properly absorbed into the system without sufficient amounts of magnesium and zinc to help it along. Our Cal-Mag-Zinc supports bone and nervous system health by providing 100 or more of all three of these essential minerals per serving.

Bone Health & Calcium
Chelated Cal-Mag (Item #605)
Bone Health & Calcium
Chewable Calcium (Item #602)

Our Chewable Calcium is offered as a citrus flavored chewable, this calcium supplement provides an excellent addition to the calcium segment of any dietary supplement section.