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Sports nutrition applies equally to the elite athlete and the active person. A solid sports nutrition plan can support your training and improve your performance, all while promoting health and wellness. Eating right and supplementing right allows your body to adapt to training, helps you recover after exercise and attain peak performance. 

Sports & Active Lifestyle
Beet Booster Powder (Item #089)

Beets are a great source of dietary nitrate that can be converted to nitric oxide (NO) in the body. Studies show NO from dietary nitrate has a range of beneficial vascular effects, including blood pressure support and enhancing exercise performance. Cocoa, anciently called the “food of gods”, is well recognized for its rich flavonoid and theobromine content. These attributes make cocoa very supportive to the cardiovascular and mental/cognitive systems. Pumpkin seeds are also included which are a natural source of omega fatty acids and vitamins and minerals. Finally, our organic beets are fermented...Full Details

Sports & Active Lifestyle
Fermented Beet with Maca (Item #782)

Boost Your Energy, Vitality & Much More with Unique Fermented Beets & Maca

Starting with organic raw beets, fermentation utilizes beneficial probiotics and helps break down plant fibers, making the beets more easily digestible and increases the availability of beneficial nutrients.  Fermented organic beets provide a whole food source of nitric oxide which can support cardiovascular and antioxidant systems in the body for improved physical performance.  Maca supports physical energy and vitality by helping the body adapt to stressors.  Carotenoids found in carrots support healthy cells and immune health†Full Details

Sports & Active Lifestyle
Muscle Recovery (Item #755)


Magnesium plays a vital role in transmitting electrical impulses from the nerves to the muscles. This action triggers the muscle cell to contract. A magnesium deficiency can disrupt this process and interfere with normal nerve conduction and muscle contraction. L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid involved in protein synthesis; it can become essential in situations of bodily stress, including intense exercise. It is also a precursor for both nitric oxide and...Full Details

Sports & Active Lifestyle
Tart Cherry with Turmeric (Item #450)

Tart Cherry (Prunus cerasus) has been shown in research to support the body’s response to injury and intense excercise, mostly through its ability to provide an excellent source of polyphenols. Additionally, turmeric has long been recognized to aid in the body’s modulation of autocoids via the active constituent, curcumin. It may also enhance the synthesis of the antioxidant glutathione, which is produced within the body.

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