Heart Health

Heart health is a major concern for millions of
Americans. Many promote heart health through diet and
exercise while others add prescription medications to
their struggle. With our heart health category, we address the
needs of those looking for additional cardiovascular support
through dietary supplementation. We offer unique products in
this line, each with a different approach to supporting heart
Heart Health
Cholesterol Complex with Plant Sterols (Item #084)

Cholesterol Complex with Plant Sterols is a high potency blend of some of the most popular cholesterol support products available today. We have combined policosanol, a complex nutrient that has both balancing effects and supports liver cholesterol metabolism, with natural plant sterols, components found in plants that may help excrete cholesterol from the body. Small amounts of plant sterols are found in fruits and vegetables. Concentrated forms, as in dietary supplements, offer a greater benefit in supporting healthy cholesterol levels by binding to cholesterol and excreting it from the body. Policosanol, a derivative of sugar cane wax, works in similar fashion to rid cholesterol.

Heart Health
Healthy Blood Pressure Support (Item #652)

The cardiovascular system is a network consisting of the heart, blood and blood vessels. The body’s blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. Blood pressure is a measure of the pressures within the cardiovascular system during and after the pumping of the heart. Blood pressure is influenced by a variety of variables including lifestyle and diet, which can alter the pressure in either direction. Natural ways to support...Full Details

Heart Health
High Allicin Garlic (Item #082)

The health benefits of garlic have been known for thousands of years. Used by the Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and much of southern Europe as medicine and food, garlic has been documented throughout history as a valuable herb. This is because garlic contains the sulfuric acid alliin, which when activated by the enzyme allinase is converted to allicin, the component that gives garlic its traditional medicinal effects and its pungent odor. This means that the more allicin that is in the garlic, the more effective it is. It is often recommended that raw garlic or garlic supplements be used instead of cooked garlic because heat inactivates the allinase, stunting the conversion of alliciin. Our High Allicin Garlic provides a minimum of 5 mg raw allicin per tablet.

Heart Health
No-Flush Niacin (Item #080)

Niacin has long been a popular supplement for cardiovascular health, but unfortunately it can sometimes have some unpleasant side effects. The most common is a flushing of the face that occurs approximately twenty minutes after use. This is due to histamine release from the mast cells as a response to the large amounts of niacin introduced into the system at once. Due to these side effects, many people discontinue niacin use before reaching therapeutic levels. Sustained release niacin is a possible alternative, but it may cause liver enzyme elevation with very high doses. No-Flush niacin, or inositol hexanicotinate, is not a sustained release niacin but rather a form of niacin that takes longer to metabolize in the system, and thus...Full Details

Heart Health
Policosanol 20 mg (Item #083)

Policosanol, a mixture of nine high primary aliphatic alcohols, is a derivative of sugar cane wax. Octacosanol, the main component in policosanol, works as a powerful antioxidant to help support healthy arteries. Healthy vasculature helps support heart health. In addition to octacosanol, policosanol is made up of eight other aliphatic alcohols that are also helpful in supporting cardiovascular health.