Colon Support(Item #720)

Enzymes & Digestion

Many people today do not meet the recommended intakes of dietary fiber. Thus, it is expected that an increasing number of consumers seek products to support digestive health. Additionally, many are concerned about pollution and environmental toxins, and desire kit-type products to rid their body of impurities. Certain plant compounds have been shown to modulate this process. Apple fiber and citrus pectins provide fiber to assist the intestinal transport of materials. Plants known to contain laxative-like effects are Slippery Elm bark, Cascara sagrada, and Marshmallow powder. The mineral magnesium is also used for this purpose. An adequate supply of prebiotics provides fuel for colonic bacteria to digest and thus produce beneficial short-chain fatty acids. This one-stop product contains all of the essential ingredients to cleanse the body while supporting digestive health.

The Product
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Contains apple fiber and citrus pectins
  • Contains natural laxative-like compounds such as Slippery Elm bark, Cascara sagrada, and Marshmallow powder
  • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) are prebiotics providing fuel for colonic bacteria and add to the bulking effect of the stool
  • Contains magnesium, a naturally relaxing mineral
  • Contains 3 g fiber per serving, which is about the same amount found in a small apple
  • Vegetarian / vegan
  • Suggested use: Take a total of 8 capsules per day, divided into two doses of 4 capsules, with a full glass of water. May be taken with or without meals.