Elderberry & Zinc Lozenge(Item #638)

Immune System Support

Elderberry supports immune health due to its various constituents, including anthocyanins, where research has shown that these flavonoids have antioxidant activity and support the immune system. Zinc and Vitamin C are essential nutrients making them necessary for overall health, especially immune function. Our Elderberry and Zinc Immune Lozenges also contain a diverse, food-based immune support blend including organic fermented turmeric, bee pollen, grape seed extract, organic ginger and more. Lozenges are a fast-growing immune support category, and our natural immune lozenges provide a tasty way to support a healthy immune response. With immune support products being popular during seasonal changes, our Elderberry and Zinc Immune lozenges support the body’s natural defenses, provide nutritional support, and can help with throat irritation during the change of seasons

The Product
  • Contains elderberry, fermented turmeric, bee pollen for additional immune support 
  • Contains 3 mg zinc gluconate per lozenge – ideal level of zinc per lozenge allows these to be taken on an empty stomach
  • Each lozenge provides 36 mg of vitamin C for immune and antioxidant support
  • Vegetarian | Gluten-free | Soy-free | Dairy-free