Sunflower E 400 I.U.(Item #166)

E Vitamins

The function and benefits of vitamin E are based on the superior antioxidant protection it provides. This vitamin fights free radicals at the cell membrane, preventing cells from being damaged. The way it works is by becoming incorporated into the lipid portion of the cell membrane and carrier molecules, where it acts to protect the cell.  

Our vitamin E is 100% natural in the d-alpha form, as opposed to the dl-alpha form, which is synthetic and not efficiently utilized by the body.

Unlike corn and soy, there are no genetically modified variants of sunflowers. 

The Product
  • 400 IU of d-alpha tocopherol per softgel.
  •  From non-GMO sunflowers.
  •  Powerful antioxidant and popular for skin, heart, and brain health.
  •  An essential and unique vitamin E standalone for your private label.